June 2020

3 important questions by Saskia Lensink

Who is Saskia Lensink?

I studied painting and drawing at the Wackersacademy in Amsterdam. We learnt to draw and paint from real life. Before and in school I was facinated by painting people. I still am. So I'm painting portraits an models reguraly. Next to that I like to paint plain air landscapes, I especially like nature. Because I life in Amsterdam and I don't drive a car, I paint nature in the environment of Amsterdam. 

Is there something you can't live without in your studio?

I like to listen to talking persons. Humor and stories inspire me and I am not distracted by it. That's why I listen to comedy and ipods.

And what is your most important working item and what projects are you working on?

I can't live without paint off course! My work is colourfull. That's why I had to look for the right colours for me. My painter's palette is extensive. 

I was born in 1970 and turning fifty. For an exposition in January '21 I'm going to make portraits of people who are turning 50 too in this year or the coming one. I'm still looking for participants. So if you're interested: join the club! saskialensink0@gmail.com 

Come say hello at 

Facebook: @SaskiaLensinkArt 

Instagram: @slensink